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Because dog daycare isn’t quite like any other business, we realize that many new customers have questions about our facility. We offer these answers to help welcome you (and your dog) to the Rover family. Also, be sure to read FAQs for Your Dog

At Rover Come Over our guests are not kenneled because our purpose is to give your dog socialization, vigorous play, exercise and lots of attention. Our dogs are always together in the 6,000 square foot indoor/outdoor facility. We provide all kinds of toys and equipment made just for dogs, but mostly they just want to play, chase and wrestle around with each other. 

Can I afford Daycare?

Yes, anyone can afford daycare because we offer different pricing packages to suit the individual budget. You can bring your dog from one day a month to everyday, full or half days too. In addition, you also get a free day for a referral that becomes a customer! By the time you add up paying for the chewed up remote, shoes, furniture, and your time and energy needed to give your dog all the attention that they need, daycare is a great choice. Your dog deserves it and so do you! 

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What is the difference between a dog park and dog daycare?

A dog park is also a group of dogs playing together, usually a casual group of neighborhood dog owners meeting at a designated fenced location. This can be a good way to let your dog exercise and socialize. Unfortunately, it is open to the public so any dog may enter. Also – you have to stay with your dog and some people are just plain short on time!

What sets a dog daycare like Rover Come Over apart is that we screen for appropriate social behavior and verify good health and vaccinations. Our highly-trained, experienced daycare staff makes sure that the dogs are properly supervised during play ensuring no one bullies anyone else. A dog daycare plan is specialized for your dog’s safety and fun. Our pet professionals are trained in pack dynamics and dog handling and taking care of your dog is their full time job.

In addition, we’ll do this while you are working or running errands, leaving you great quality time with your furry child when you get home. After a day of daycare, your dog will be just as tired at the end of the day as you are!

Why do I sometimes see dogs in kennel runs when I look at the Webcam?

 You may see dogs in Kennel runs when you come to Rover or look in on the webcam. These are almost always dogs that are taking their morning or afternoon nap because they are spending the night at Rover Come Over and we don’t want them to get too tired. Also – we always feed dogs separately and these may be dogs that are waiting for a meal or resting after a meal. 

When can I drop off my dog?

Dogs may be dropped off or picked up anytime between 6:30am–6:30pm Monday–Friday and between 8:00am-5:00pm on Saturdays. We are closed on Sundays.

Do I have to make an appointment for daycare?

No. After your dog passes their interview, you can drop him off for daycare anytime.

Do I have to make an appointment for my dog to stay overnight?

Yes. Reservations are required for an overnight stay, especially for a holiday. You may call or email to make a reservation for an overnight stay. If you have an unexpected need for an overnight or an emergency, of course we will accept walk-ins if your dog has attended daycare at least two (2) days in the preceding 30 days. ​

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Why does my dog have to come twice a month to be able to stay for an overnight?

 We restrict overnight stays to dogs that come to Rover Come Over daycare because everyone here has to be able to play in the daycare population. We don’t accept dogs we don’t know for an overnight. A lot of rigorous play takes place here and dogs get exhausted. Some dogs that are used to sleeping the day away have to work up to all that playtime. Additionally, unaccustomed play on pavement may result in sore paws. It is better if they are used to the routine around here prior to a several day stay for their sake. If your dog is used to coming here, they are more comfortable and far less stressed spending the night. That, added to a very active day of play ensures a great night’s sleep. We strive to know all the dogs that come to Rover personally, and we try hard to do that. When we are truly familiar with your dog, we can readily spot if he/she is having a bad day or if something is wrong. 

How far in advance can I make a reservation for a holiday stay?

While reservations can be made at any time, It's important to note that Rover Come Over is primarily a dog daycare center offering a safe, fun place for off-leash play.  As a Rover customer, you are also able to take advantage of our sleepovers (boarding).

For your dog’s safety and well-being, it is critical that he/she become a member of the Rover “pack” and is physically up to the rigor of daycare.   Our dogs play hard throughout the day and generally nap much less than at home.  Additionally, unaccustomed play on pavement/stone may result in sore paws.

It is for these reasons, we limit our sleepovers (boarding) to our Rover daycare customers and require that sleepover dogs attend at least two (2) days of daycare each month, especially during the month preceding their overnight, to be eligible to spend the night. That means two visits a month to Rover; this can be two half-days of daycare or two full days of daycare.

As a reminder, our physical space for overnighters (boarding) is very limited and offered to our daycare customers as an additional service. In order to provide the best care for your dog(s) while they are away from you, it is vital that our staff is familiar with their individual needs. For these reasons, dogs that routinely attend daycare may be prioritized for reservations during the holidays (and other busy times).  If space allows, we are happy to accept dogs who routinely attend daycare a minimum of two (2) half days per month. If you need kennel or dog-sitting services while you are away, let us know and we may be able to help.

What do I need to bring when I drop off my dog for daycare?

For the safety our customers and our dogs, your dog must be on collar and leash when arriving or departing Rover Come Over. If your dog needs to be fed while it’s here, please bring its meal in a bag or container appropriately labeled with your dog’s full name, how much it gets per meal, and which meals it gets fed. Remember, we rest our dogs for a half hour prior to a meal and one (1) hour after each meal to avoid stomach upset.

Can I pay for my dog’s daycare in advance?

Yes. We have a convenient system of package deals for buying daycare. We will let you know when you are running low and need to buy another package. 

Package Pricing

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Does my dog have to buy package hours to stay with you?

No. A lot of people pay as they go.

Can I get money back for unused package hours?


Can I pay for my dog’s overnight stay in advance?

Yes. You can pay at the front desk or online through GINGR.

What forms of payment do you take?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, cash and personal checks.

What do I need to do to keep my dog’s records current?

Every time you take your dog to get shots at the vet, make sure we get a copy either from the vet by fax (our fax is 419-861-9101) or from you when you visit with your dog. If we don’t have hard copy of veterinary evidence that your dogs are up-to-date in their vaccinations we won’t be able to let them into the facility to be with the rest of the dogs. We will send you are reminder one (1) month before your dog’s vaccines expire.

Why do you need my current email address?

It is optional of course, but email is the ideal way for us to keep in contact with you about many issues. We send out periodic email updates with important news and information. Our “staff photographers” snap digital photos of the dogs at play; your email address allows us to occasionally mail you digital photos of your dog. Plus, if we have simple questions about your dog’s current records, it is easier and less intrusive for us to email you then to bother you with a phone call at work or at home. Also, in case of an emergency or an unexpected need to close the facility for a day or so (such as a level 3 snow emergency), we notify clients via email and text message rather than have them show up to a closed facility.

When does Rover Come Over close?

We close for the major holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, New Year’s Day and July 4. In rare instances we have closed due to Level 3 snow emergencies, so during extreme weather it's best to call first. We are closed Sundays. Staff members are present on Sundays and holidays to care for dogs spending the night and for overnight pick-ups.

What if my dog misbehaves?

Our staff is trained to prevent misbehaving before it has a chance to start. That is done with strict observation, keeping the dogs busy and being side-by-side with our dogs. We also create a positive environment for your dog by rewarding good behavior. We use redirection several times first, and this is usually successful. If the misconduct continues, we will give our guest a firm expression of disapproval until the misbehavior subsides. As a last resort, our staff is trained to give a “time out” with a staff member if necessary. We do this to protect your dog’s health and safety as well as the dogs around him/her. The key to harmony and fun in a daycare setting is keen observation and prevention of rough behavior before it has a chance to start. This is why our staff goes through extensive training on dog behavior, development, pack dynamics and more.

Will my dog get hurt or sick?

At Rover Come Over, prevention is the key to avoiding illness and/or injury. All dogs, without exception, are meticulously screened and are current on all vaccinations. If any dogs becomes ill while at daycare they are immediately isolated, and parents are called for immediate pick-up. In addition we have a high-powered air vacuum system to keep a continuous flow of fresh air coming in and stale air going out. We adhere to a strict policy of cleanliness and hand washing. Just like taking your human child to a daycare, there is a risk of passing a cough or getting a bump or bruise while playing together. Our staff is thoroughly trained in prevention, but if something occurs, every employee at Rover Come Over is trained in pet first aid and will send written documentation home with the parent if there is an occurrence. Of course, Rover Come Over is a non-smoking facility. 

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