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Rover Come Over opened in 2004 and though other facilities have come and gone, we're proud of our 17+ years of providing Northwest Ohio with excellent canine care. Our highly experienced staff members are able to understand your dog and know how to best meet his or her unique needs. During that time, we've worked with dogs of all different breeds and gained many happy customers! We have outstanding customer ratings online because we are dedicated to giving you and your furry friend the best possible environment in dog daycare, overnight care, and dog grooming.

I've been taking my two dogs to rover for years and they have always had the best care. The staff is wonderful and go above and beyond making sure your dog is safe, happy and tired!

Our dog loves going there, she plays so hard she sleeps all evening. It’s great exercise for her and she’s really improved on her social skills!

We love Rover Come Over. The staff are so kind and caring. Our shepherd loves going there and we love that it keeps him social and very tired. Have recommended to many people.

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★ Established 2004

15 years serving NW Ohio

★ 3640+ Dogs Visited

Our happy pack is always growing

★ 128+ Years Dog Care Experience

Our dedicated staff is the best!

Northwest Ohio's Favorite Dog Grooming & Daycare Facility

Here in Northwest, Ohio, nobody takes care of dogs like we do at Rover Come Over. For 17+ years we've offered outstanding dog daycare and grooming services. Those years of service not only make us the area's most experienced dog daycare provider, but also make us the "best place for you pups when they're not with you." Our team members are fully-trained and are experts in ensuring your dog has the best play experience ever.
(And of course, belly-rubs are plentiful and always free.)

New Customer Registration


Take the first step in becoming part of the Rover Come Over family by registering in GINGR. Here you can complete the necessary paperwork and schedule your dog's interview/first vist. (Learn more about the process here)

Of course you can always stop by or give us a call at 419-861-9100 if you prefer.

Current Rover Customers


  • Purchase daycare packages online
  • Book a grooming appointment
  • Schedule a Rover overnight stay
  • Check your dogs' vaccination records
  • View your dogs' Rover Report Cards

Rover Webcams


Our brand new state-of-the-art webcams are now operational, and all established customers can download the FREE app to view the Rover Come Over pack on their phones or tablets. We’ve worked hard to make viewing more easily accessible, of the highest quality, and available 24 hours a day.

If you're an existing customer and need help installing the app on your Apple (iPhone or iPad) or Android phone or tablet please stop by the front desk and we'll get you started.

Doggy Daycare, Dogs Can Spend The Night!

One of the benefits of attending doggy daycare at Rover Come Over is eligibility to stay overnight!* Your dog will play all day in the daycare, romp around on our state-of-the-art K9 grass or spend some lap time with our staff and their canine friends.

At night, they can sleep on a dog bed in the daycare or be tucked into a crate or a kennel with their own familiar bedding from home (or some of ours). Everyone here sleeps on an elevated bed, not on the floor. After playing all day long in the daycare, our dogs are so tired they don’t care where they sleep! Best of all-–you can watch them on our Rover Webcams from a computer or mobile device wherever you go. Our parents have watched their dogs playing via our “RoverCams” from China, India, Africa, England, Mexico and all over the United States.

It's a lot of fun to sleep over at Rover Come Over because your dog gets to run free and play throughout the day with our staff and their canine friends—swimming, playing ball, chasing each other and more!

* Because our overnight dogs play all day with our daycare population, they need to establish themselves as "pack" members before their overnight visit. Your dog must attend at least two (2) days of daycare during the month preceding their sleepover to be eligible to spend the night. That means two visits a month to Rover Come Over, which can be two half days of daycare or two full days of daycare. If your dog is new at Rover, he/she will be required to attend daycare no less than four days (including a minimum of one full day) over the course of two weeks. The rigors of a full day at Rover can be stressful for some pups, and our staff needs to evaluate each dog's adaptability to daycare.

Dog Grooming Services

The best dog groomers do more than just wash and trim, and at Rover Come Over, our grooming services are unmatched! Our groomers are up-to-date on current grooming techniques and trends, as well as the best grooming standards.

Dog grooming services focus on the individual traits, habits, style standards, and skin/coat specifications unique to each breed. At Rover Come Over, we provide exactly what your dog needs for their own health and happiness, and you can start enjoying your sweet-smelling, good-tempered dog again!

Rover Come Over grooming services include trimming, coat thinning, sanitation grooming, scissor finish, shaving, clipper finish, de-matting, de-skunking, parasite recognition, ear hair removal, canine dental care, chemical flea dips, skin condition recognition, anal gland expressing, and de-shedding techniques. No matter what dog grooming service you require, we always provide a clean environment and the best, skilled service with a smile.

Dog Acceptance & Vaccinations

Generally, we accept any dog 12 weeks and older who is up-to-date on ALL vaccinations (Rabies, DHPP, Bordatella, Leptospirosis and Canine Influenza), are currently on heart-worm, a flea and tick program and have not had any illness of any kind in the last 30 days.

All vaccinations (including Bordatella and Canine Influenza*) must be completed two (2) weeks prior to your first visit (exceptions documented by your veterinarian will be considered). Our customers’ compliance with vaccination requirements helps keep our Rover Come Over dogs healthy and happy. You must also have owned your dog for three (3) weeks prior to visiting Rover Come Over. Regrettably, we are not a dating service, so all dogs older than six (6) months must be spayed or neutered! All dogs who pass our interview and temperament testing can come for play at Rover Come Over. Call to set up an interview for your dog, (419) 861-9100 or BEGIN HERE.

*In recent years, outbreaks of dog flu have occurred in the Midwest and even in Northwest Ohio. Several years ago, Rover Come Over implemented protocol and procedures in order to minimize the risks of infection to our dogs. In addition to these safety measures, we require that your dogs are vaccinated against the H3N8 and/or H3N2 virus that spread throughout the Chicago area for the past several years.

Other Doggy Tips & Tricks

Are you looking for help after your dog encounters a skunk, or for ways to keep your dog cool during the hot months in Northwest, Ohio, or other tips? Here are a few tidbits we have picked up over the years.

We offer dog grooming services to take care of the smell of a dog-skunk encounter, but there are some things you can do at home, too. Rather than bathe your dog or drench them in tomato soup (yuck!), using a simple hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dishwashing liquid solution takes the smell away immediately–and it's safe for your dog’s coat and face.

We also have several tips for keeping your dog cool during the dangerous summer heat: never leave your dog in the car or without shade, keep the water bowl full of fresh cool water, and only go for walks in the early or late hours of the day. We would love to discuss more grooming tips or specific requests with you in person, so come visit us today!

Becoming Part of Our Rover Pack

In order to maintain our positive, clean, and safe environment, we ensure that every dog coming into our facility is vetted and healthy, whether for dog grooming services or dog daycare here in Northwest, Ohio.

To become part of our Rover “Pack,” your dog must be at least twelve weeks old, up to date on all vaccinations (including Canine Influenza and Bordetella), and spayed or neutered if over six weeks old. They should also be on heart-worm medicine and a flea and tick program and can’t have been sick for at least thirty days before.

For our doggy daycare service, keep in mind that daycare can be rigorous, so make sure your dog is up to the excitement. There is often more play and less sleep than at home. That being said, we love older dogs too, and we always keep the individual needs of each dog in mind.

About Rover Come Over

We have been in the dog care, grooming, and behavior training business since 2004, and we love helping all the dogs and their human friends here in Northwest, Ohio.

At Rover Come Over, our best feature by far is our fantastic staff! Each staff member is experienced and trained in off-leash play, dog behavioral study, and more with rigorous on-the-job training. Many staff members also have formal education in veterinary technology or animal training, and even devote off-work hours to animal welfare because they simply love animals and dogs.

Our average employee has more than five years with us, in fact, several of them have been working with us here at Rover Come Over since the very beginning. This kind of experience, dedication, and love for dogs among the staff is simply unmatched in other dog grooming and daycare facilities, and that’s why we have such high customer satisfaction ratings!

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Rover Come Over Doggy Daycare

Stop in for a visit or call us today to arrange an appointment. We know just how much you love your dog, and with us they'll be treated like royalty each and every time they come to Rover Come Over.