Lost Dog Tool Kit


Whether your precious pup is missing or you've found a wandering dog, quickly completing a few basic actions will optimize the chances of re-uniting pets and owners. See the tips below and let us know if you have other suggestions by using our Contact Form.

Call us for Help

If your dog attends Rover Come Over daycare, call us as soon as possible (419-861-9100). Odds are that we have photos of your dog and we can help with a poster. We'll also use our available resources to help you find your dog. 

Get the word out!

  •  In the the greater Toledo area, go to petfbi.org to place a notice. Pet FBI has a central, searchable database to post both lost and found animals. 

  •  Put your lost or found dog ad on Craig’s List (Place under COMMUNITY, LOST AND FOUND) 

  • Create a found/Lost pet poster. (If you're a Rover Come Over customer, we can usually help by providing you with a recent photo of your dog and help with your poster.) Include a description , area found and your contact numbers. Place the posters in the local area where you lost/found the dog, local vets, animal shelters and stores. CLICK HEREto create a custom poster/flyer, courtesy of petbond.com

  •  Click to see how K100 supports animal causes. K100 Radio supports many great animal causes and they will share your lost/found dog info on the air, call 419-725-5700. You can also post a lost/found ad on the K100 site HERE or view posted notices HERE.

  • Let the neighbors and the mailman know that you lost/found an animal. Lost pets usually stay within a 5-mile radius so someone may recognize the pet.

Found a Dog?

The contact information above can also be utilized if you've found a lost dog. Additionally, if the dog has a registration tag issued by Lucas County you can enter the tag number to obtain owner contact info. Click below to perform a Lucas County lost dog tag search.

Lucas couty dog tag search

Phone Numbers to call for help with Lost or Found dogs

Dog Wardens

Lucas County 419-213-2800
Wood County 419-354-9242
Fulton County 419-337-9219
Monroe County 734-240-3125 

City Animal Control

Perrysburg 419-872-8001
Maumee 419-897-7045
Northwood 419-691-5053
Rossford 419-666-5230 

Dogwood Veterinary Emergency & Referral Center (Maumee)


Animal Emergency & Critical Care Center of Toledo