FAQs for your Dog


Can I escape and run wild through Monclova if I want?

No. Not only are you continually monitored by humans, but the facility has a series of gates, designed to make your escape extremely difficult. In order for you to get out, you would have to go through a minimum of three latched gates or doors. We have a 7-foot high fence outside. We have also sunk the outdoor fence 12 inches below the surface to foil any digging attempts. Just relax and enjoy being here.

Will other dogs pick on me?

No. We test all dogs to make certain they are nice enough to play with you here before we let them come.

Will there be dogs my size and age there?

Yes. Dogs of all types and sizes come to play and relax at Rover Come Over. You will find someone to be your friend and the humans are there to be your friends too. We do separate the dogs by size to prevent injury from big paws to little frames. We also group dogs by personality. Some play group examples may be:

  • 1-year old puppies transitioning to the big dog side
  • Rowdy runners and Frisbee dogs
  • Swimmers and sunbathers
  • Dogs that know each other as friends always go together
  • Relaxed loungers

Every guest is a special individual with his or her own preferences. Our goal is to get to know you, and put you with your favorite friends where you are having the most fun. We have five large separate play areas to combine friends and groups of dogs with the same play style.

But somebody has to be the leader; do I have to be the leader?

No.The humans will be the leaders of the pack and take charge of everything, all you have to do is relax and enjoy yourself.

Can I run around naked, like wolves do?

Yes. To prevent choking during play, all dogs at Rover Come Over are naked.

I’m so good I follow Mom or Dad without a leash, can I come in without one?

No. For your own safety, you need to come in on a leash and to have that leash always held by a human in the Reception area. Also, for safety and reliability reasons, we strongly discourage the use of retractable leashes in the Rover parking lot or lobby.

Do I have to eat food I'm not used to?

No, If you are here at mealtime, your mom or dad will supply us with your regular food so that you will be happy to eat and won't get an upset stomach from a dietary change. 

I'm used to drinking whenever I want, can I drink when I want to?

Yes. There is always plenty of clean water available for you in several bowls.

I'm used to eating whenever I want, can I eat whenever I want to?

No. We can’t leave bowls of food around for you; that would lead to fights among you and your friends. You will be fed breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the appropriate times of day, and you can eat then. You'll be busy playing for the rest of the time!

Do I have to eat in the Playroom, where all the other dogs may try to steal my food?

No. We have a separate Dining Room for you to be fed in. Our humans watch over you during mealtimes making sure there are no problems so you can relax and enjoy your meal.

Can I play if I want to?

Yes. There are always other friendly dogs here for you to romp with. Human handlers will make certain that your play is fun but safe.

Can I rest if I want to?

Yes. If you want to sack out while other dogs are playing there are always beds to lie down on. We place those where you can keep your back to the wall when you sleep, because we know how important that is to dogs.

At home, I like to lie in the sun because it makes me feel good; can I do that there?

Yes. Doors are always open, weather permitting, for you to run inside and out.


Do I have to sleep alone at night? I hate that...

No. In the evening, you and any other dogs that stay the night have a big sleep over!! We always put you next to your favorite friend that day. No dog ever stays alone at Rover Come Over, they always have another dog or two to keep them company.

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