Extreme Weather Emergency Info

Rover Come Over will remain open and ready to care for your dogs during most snow emergency days. Should conditions dictate that Rover Come Over close, be assured any dogs currently boarded will be well cared for during the period of closure.

While it is our goal to remain open on all days, Level III Snow Emergencies issued by Lucas County authorities dictate that "no person except operators of public safety vehicles on duty or otherwise responding to an emergency; and essential news media personnel, including reporters, support, and production employees; health care and other emergency personnel; and essential employees of critical infrastructure facilities, may drive on roads and streets in Lucas County. All others traveling on the roadways might be subject to arrest."

We understand that some of our customers fall into these essential personnel categories. If this applies to you, please call Rover Come Over's emergency line, 419-386-9317 and we'll do our best to make arrangements for your dog's care.

During extreme weather, we consider multiple variables before closing the daycare (temperature, road conditions, wind chill factors, etc.). When temperatures reach the single digits or during heavy snow/ice periods, it's best to check (see below) before bringing your dog to Rover. 

If Rover Come Over closes, we will notify our customers via text message, Facebook, email and on the Rover Come Over Home Page. 

Rover's priority is to ensure all of our dogs are safe. If you should lose power and require emergency kenneling of your dog, call our dedicated emergency line 419-386-9317 and we'll be happy to help.

If you are unable to pick up your dog, please give us a call (419-861-9100) before 6:30 pm to arrange for an overnight stay. (Overnight charges apply.)

Most of our dogs love the winter weather and we encourage outdoor play as the weather allows. During extreme cold weather outdoor time will be adjusted as conditions warrant.