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Welcome 2020!

Friday, January 10, 2020

As we begin a new year and in fact, a new decade, some of us have made our resolutions to shape up and maybe even lose a few of those extra pounds. If you’re a pet parent, you probably know that it’s also important for your pup to maintain a healthy weight. While we know we need to sometimes resist those adorable eyes and withhold the table scraps or extra treats, there are other steps to helping your dog stay fit and trim. Check out the links below for informative and helpful information regarding canine weight management and be sure to talk to your veterinarian about your special friends’ weight and health.

If you’ve decided to implement a weight plan for your dog, be sure to let the Rover team know so we can help you meet your goals. Of course, we think bringing your dogs to Rover Come Over to burn some calories with their buddies is one great way to keep them happy and healthy! 

Fetch by WebMD: Why Is My Dog Gaining Weight?

Great starting point for evaluating if your dog is at a healthy weight. Covers causes and treatments, how to weigh your dog and when it’s time to consult with your vet.

Whole Dog Journal: 10 Weight Loss Tips for Senior Dogs

Beyond limiting carbs and calories, read about involving the entire family and reconsidering the type of  treats you offer (your dog probably values quantity over size).

Pet Health Network: 7 Surprising Ways To Help Your Pet Lose Weight (And Why It's Important)

Noting that veterinary survey estimate more than 50% of our nation’s pets are overweight, Dr. Ernie Ward, DVM identifies specific ways to reduce your pet’s weight. How to Slim Down an Overweight Dog (30-Day Diet Plan)

Ready to lose? Need a plan of attack? Scroll down the page for a day-by-day, week-by-week plan for “30 Days to a Slimmer Dog.”

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Winter Weather Info

Friday, January 10, 2020

Though our winter has been relatively mild thus far, we all know living in Northwest Ohio means dealing with winter storms. Be assured Rover Come Over will remain open if at all possible. With that in mind we are providing information regarding Rover Come Over practices during inclement winter weather.

  • Rover Come Over will remain open and ready to care for your dogs during most snow emergency days.
  • While it is our goal to remain open on all days, Level III Snow Emergencies issued by Lucas County authorities dictate that "no person except operators of public safety vehicles on duty or otherwise responding to an emergency; and essential news media personnel, including reporters, support, and production employees; health care and other emergency personnel; and essential employees of critical infrastructure facilities, may drive on roads and streets in Lucas County. All others traveling on the roadways might be subject to arrest."
  • We understand that some of our customers fall into these essential personnel categories. If this applies to you, please call Rover Come Over's emergency line, 419-386-9317 and we'll do our best to make arrangements for your dog's care.
  • During extreme weather, we consider multiple variables before closing the daycare (temperature, road conditions, wind chill factors, etc.). When temperatures reach the single digits or during heavy snow/ice periods, it's best to check (see below) before bringing your dog to Rover. 
  • If Rover Come Over closes, we will notify our customers via email, Facebook and on the Rover Come Over Home Page. We also provide a text alert service for those customers who wish to receive timely alerts. We encourage all customers to sign up HERE for these alerts. Lastly, our 419-861-9100 phone message will announce any daycare closings.
  • Rover's priority is to ensure all of our dogs are safe. If you should lose power and require emergency kenneling of your dog, call our dedicated emergency line 419-386-9317 and we'll be happy to help.
  • If you are unable to pick up your dog on the days we are open, please give us a call (419-861-9100) before 6:30 pm to arrange for an overnight stay. (Overnight charges apply.)
  • Most of our dogs love the winter weather and we encourage outdoor play as the weather allows. The extreme low temperatures and bad weather days are few, but be assured during extreme cold weather, outdoor time will be adjusted as conditions warrant.

Rover Needs Your Help!

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Only a few more days to help Rover Come Over win the 2019 Best of Toledo Dog Daycare tiltle. Please take a few minutes to vote each day from now until Decmeber 18. Voting is easy: 

1. Click here: 2019 Best of Toledo Voting
2. Go to: Services & Places
3. Scroll down to Pet Daycare/Boarding
4. Cast your vote for Rover Come Over Doggy Daycare*

*You'll be asked for your email and zip code to prevent robo-voting.

You can vote once per day and when the voting period closes on December 18, stop by the front desk and to thank you, we'll enter your name in a drawing for a $100 Rover credit to be used for any Rover service. Each daily vote will earn you an entry, so be sure to vote daily to earn more entries!

Feel free to forward this email to friends and family so they can vote too.

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Welcome 2020!
Friday, January 10, 2020
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Friday, January 10, 2020
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