Our Team

The experience, training and retention rate of the Rover Come Over staff far exceed those of other area dog daycares. Every staff member undergoes rigorous training that includes off-leash play education, dog behavioral study and on-the-job training. Most staff members have additional formal education whether it be in veterinary technology, nursing or animal training. Outside of work, our staff members devote countless hours to a variety of animal welfare organizations. We're proud of every associate and you can always feel confident in knowing your dog is under the care of proven professionals. Learn more about each of them below. 



 With more than 12 years of experience in the local dog daycare community, Amy is Rover's resident "dog whisperer." Like most of our staff, she grew up with cats, dogs and other animals. She's proud of her Great Pyrenees mix, Ike and Kilo, a husky mix. Amy enjoys the challenge of working with all of the various breeds at Rover and notes "Our team at Rover is like family, including some four-legged members." Her favorite time at on the job at Rover is playing and splashing around with the dogs outside during the summer. 



Chris joined the Rover team in April of 2015. He's an Anthony Wayne graduate and is a professional National K-9® certified dog trainer. Christopher is an experienced dog-sitter and volunteers at our local humane society. At Rover he enjoys "taking care of these little fluffy puppers, each with its own personality." His "fluffy puppers" at home are English springer spaniel Bailey and golden retriever Zander. 



Cindy joined the Rover Come Over staff in 2011. She has experience at a veterinary center and training in dog behavior through Toledo Dog Training and other organizations. Cindy is vice president of Golden Retriever Rescue Resource (GRRR) and a past member of Toledobes (Dobermans). She's the proud Mom of daughter Lisa and Goldens Bogey and Chance. Her work with GRRR led her to Rover and she's convinced the transitions of her rescue dogs is improved by spending time at Rover daycare. After working 30 years with people, she is thrilled to be working with man's best friends and says "Dogs are very gratifying with their unconditional love." 



Dee is Rover's longest-serving associate, joining us in 2007. She has owned dogs and shown Rottweilers in both conformation and obedience competition. She's also volunteered at the Toledo Area Humane Society and Great Dane Rescue. Working with many long-time Rover pups Dee says "I am always amazed to see the transformation of a very shy dog, who intitially hides in the corner when first coming to Rover and then becomes a playful social butterfly after developing confidence and security." Our dogs love playing with Dee and she says its a good day when not only do the dogs go home needing a nap, but she does too! Away from Rover, Dee spoils her Rottweiler, Tahoe and enjoys family travel to "anywhere warm."  



 One of the local kids, Ellie is a 2018 Anthony Wayne graduate currently enrolled at the University of Toledo working toward her degree in Early Childhood Education. A life-long pet owner she currently romps around with her three dogs, Dazey, Maggie and Foxy. Her favorite parts of the workday are seeing how happy the dogs are when they show up to play and "finishing up the chore list so I can enjoy loving on the dogs." In her free time, Ellie plays rugby for the Toledo Celtics. 



Helena joined the Rover pack in November, 2017. She previously worked as a dog-bather and currently attends Owens Community College, majoring in psychology. As much as she enjoys working with the Rover staff, it's spending whole days cuddling and playing with the dogs that makes her happiest. At home she's mom to Lola, her 7-year old chihuahua.  



Raised in Monclova, Jess is an Anthony Wayne graduate and has worked at Rover since September, 2009.  "I love working with dogs and getting to know the owners. That, along with my co-workers, make for a great work environment." Around Rover Come Over it's no secret that Moose has a major crush on Jessica and can usually be found next to her whether inside or outside. Jessica finds being around all of the dogs both fun and comforting. She has a 7-year old daughter who loves that her mom works at Rover and hopes to one day follow in her footsteps. Jess is also mom to her dog Bricklin.



Kadi is an Anthony Wayne grad with more than two years of experience as a certified groomer. She enjoys the working environment at Rover because of "the great people and wonderful pups." Kadi takes great pride in making all of her four-legged clients look their very best and she has a soft spot for the boxers, great Danes and bulldogs--"you know, all the drooly ones." Kadi's current menagerie includes her German shepherd Princess and her two ferrets, Ferrita and Biscuit. 



It's not surprising that Kaitlin is a student in the Stautzenburger College for Animal Welfare management, she lives with eight dogs, two cats, three turtles and a hedgehog! A Rover staff member since June, 2017 she loves watching puppies grow and starting each work day with the enthusiastic greetings from Rover's four-legged welcome  committee.



With a Masters degree in math, Karen is Rover's numbers and admin go-to girl. Though she operates on the business side of Rover, she's a dog-lover and mom to border collie Kirby and golden retriever/Aussie mix Minnie. Karen volunteers at Golden Retriever Rescue Resource (GRRR) and loves being part of a team with high comraderie and a passion for dogs. Karen enjoys spending time with her family and pups along with hobbies reading, knitting, and Disneyana.  



 An Anthony Wayne High School grad, Kaylyn currently studies communication at Bowling Green State University. Over the years she's volunteered at the Humane Society and Lucas County Pit Crew as well fostering puppies. Kaylyn adopted her three-year old pit/lab mix, Wynn, from the Lucas County Pit Crew. She's been at Rover since 2015 and loves being around the dogs all day and takes special joy in watching the dogs play in pools in the summer and snow in the winter. Once Kaylyn earns her bachelor's degree she hopes to work for a non-profit organization.  



Lindsey does it all at Rover! She completed the Small Animal Care program at Penta Career Center and works as both a groomer and daycare attendant. She grew up with dogs and currently lives with her border collie/Irish setter mix Hazel, her cat Mittens and her rabbit, Sprinkles. She loves working with dogs of widely varying breeds and personalities and her eventual goal is to become an Animal Control Officer.  



With two years experience in dog daycare, Rachel came to Rover in September 2017. She recently graduated from the University of Toledo with a degree in psychology. She'll next pursue her masters degree in criminal justice with an eventual goal of joining the FBI. Rachel is a Flint, Michigan native and enjoys traveling, hiking and playing her guitar. She's mom to her boxer/pit mix Brutus and says "My co-workers at Rover are awesome and my job gives me the chance to love on dogs everyday." 



Sam has five dogs of her own and is quick to let you know "I love dogs! Love, love, love them!" She has a soft spot for pit bulls. Sam is a graduate of the Small Animal Care program at Penta Career Center. "I couldn't fathom working in a better business. Greeting Dogs turns any bad day around. It's great to see the dogs' excitement when they hop out of the car to come play. It never fails to put a smile on my face." Sam is married and a proud new mom to baby girl, Ryleigh. She hopes to one day operate her own pet business. 



To call Sandy an "animal lover" is an understatement! In her six plus years at The Animal Behavior Center (ABC) she's worked with multitudes of animals including dogs, cats, fish, birds, pigs, snakes, geckos and even a lemur. Her own animals include three dogs, five cats, 11 species of rodents and numerous birds, reptiles and fish. Sandy has more than two years experience in dog daycare and says "I love working at Rover with the dogs in a safe, friendly environment. Everyone here is like family." She participates in agility competitions with one of her dogs and her ultimate dream is to own a huge pet store.



After years of working full-time as a nursing assistant with Mercy Healthcare and six+ years part-time as a pet bather/brusher, Sheila acquired her grooming certification from Clip-N-Dales. She prides herself in making all of the various breeds of dogs look great and takes joy in their unique personalities. When not at Rover she enjoys biking, swimming and spoiling her cats Finley and Stellan.